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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hillary, I want my money back!

I do believe now that Hillary will do anything to get elected, including but not limited to lying, making irresponsible statements, promising things that sound good but are bad for America... they've learned well from the likes of Mao, Stalin and the NeoCons, the secret to winning is to treat the public like idiots (well maybe we are)...

I read this statement by Hillary. She takes a poem on inaction during the Holocaust to describe our losing jobs to India and China -- “They came for the steel companies and nobody said anything. They came for the auto companies and nobody said anything. They came for the office companies, people who did white-collar service jobs, and no one said anything. And they came for the professional jobs that could be outsourced, and nobody said anything.” How despicable.

The truth is, we Americans need to get off of our lazy butts and study hard and be more competitive globally. If we'd only do that, we can totally out compete the rest because we have awesome political institutional foundation, higher education institutions (we attract the best and brightest the world over), natural resources and lots of good land... But no, Hillary decides to appeal to our worst instincts.

I donated $100 to Hillary's campaign a few months ago and now I want my money back on the grounds of fraud, breach of express and implied warranty... cuz she is a liar! There are things worth losing an election over for -- things such as dignity.


Anonymous said...

Since when have bigoted Americans EVER "said nothing"?

Where did she say that? I want a link. I think Americans said plenty by basically enslaving the Chinese to work on their railroads and then denying them citizenship and land ownership rights for decades.

Cat said...

Here is the link. She was making an analogy to a famous quote about Germans doing nothing against the Nazis. I am angry because I think she is just stoking fear in Americans. Instead of preparing ourselves to be more competitive in this global economy, she is appealing to our worst instincts, as if the workers in India and China are a bunch of Nazis, unfairly taking away our jobs when it's just the reality of global economy.

Anonymous said...

Told you she was evil.

Anonymous said...

You should write to NY Times to voice out...F