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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eggs of Steel!

My friend J once mentioned these eggs of steel, I guess they are a Taiwanese delicacy. They are kind of like a concentrated version of the five-spiced egg. You better have jaws of steel to gnaw on them and chomp them down. Not bad. Good for camping too. I am preparing an earthquake survival kit for my family, maybe I'll include these indestructible eggs in the kit too!


Anonymous said...

(gasp!) Tie Dan! drooool... good idea on the earthquake food though. those things are nearly indestructible. you may not survive but archeologists thousands of years from now will know that this is what the people of Los Angeles liked to eat - J

Cat said...

Gosh, that would really completely mess up the history of human evolution -- imagine ppl 1000 years from now thinking we sustained solely on Tie Dan...

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