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Monday, May 5, 2008

To Pee or not to Pee...

...that is the question! Here is a timeline of events:

I received a frantic call from a friend who had observed a little Asian boy and his mom/nanny? standing next to a tree with a little stream coming out him... The little boy's location exposed his private parts to basically all passerbys. So the question is -- is it right to allow a young child to relieve himself in public.

I'd say, yes, but please find a more discreet location for goodness sakes. America is not a little village in Asia where villagers know each other and the creeps are banished elsewhere. There are lots of sickos in America, so although peeing is perhaps one of the most natural human acts, please keep your child near a more secluded tree. On the other hand, Americans need to ween their kids off of diapers asap. IMO, diapers are barbaric and it's shocking that kids as old as three or four could still be seen wearing diapers in America. Yuck!

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Anonymous said...

A secluded tree indeed. I understand that kids have emergencies, but it's unhygenic to just leave human waste lying in public. What if everyone let their kids do that? If your kid is at that age then bring a bag wherever you go.

Older children in diapers is stupid in so many ways: diapers are expensive, you save a lot of time when you don't have to diaper a kid, diaper rashes are painful and expensive, learning how to use a toilet is good for a child's development and overall self esteem, the higher the average age of diaper usage goes the more diapers there are in landfills, preschools don't accept kids who use diapers...the list goes on.

A huge cause? Those stupid diapers that keep a kid "dry." When kids wear those they don't know that they should go use the bathroom.