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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chopsticks are for food not hair!

I was at the doctor's today (yep, all the travelling finally got to me, poor me, sniff sniff), anyhoo, I saw a perfectly respectable looking woman with a huge ass chopstick in her hair. WTF?!! I've seen this many many times now, in movies, on the streets...Why do people in America think it's an Asian thing to wear chopsticks in ones' hair? No No No! Women in Asia never use chopsticks to style their hair, chopsticks are for food not hair! If you tell a woman in China this, she would laugh her ass off!

Traditionally (like before 1900s), after they style their hair, Chinese women like to put some ornaments on the hair, like a string of pearls or a cluster of gemstones or maybe a flower (see below, btw, if you ever wonder what I look like, I look a lot like the pretty lady in the picture, hehehe...)
Anyhow. Since you can't just slap the ornament onto the hair and expecting it to stay (there is a thing called gravity!), they tend to attach the ornament to a small stick (but nothing humongous like a chopstick!) and then put it in the hair so that it would stay in place... that's all! And somehow, people in America think Asian women put chopsticks in their hair. How ridiculous! It's like women in Asia start wearing knives and forks in their hair... it's like the biggest cultural fashion faux pas ever!


Anonymous said...

Liar. We all know you look like Garfield.

Anonymous said...

C is clearly lying. Lucy Liu puts chopsticks in her hair all the time. It must be right because she Chinese (or has edible hair). -J

Cat said...

What?! I am telling the truth, to look like a shu nu (ie lady) is like my dream... fine fine, I try very hard to stuff the fluffy tail inside my silk robe... I have seen Asian American women with chopsticks in their hair, but it's only because thir non-Asian American stylists forced them to do so at gun point! Ok, let me put it this way, you would never see women in Asia wearing chopsticks in their hair. Some Asian American women may do that because they've been Americanized and are not as culturally intuned...

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