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Saturday, July 12, 2008

How to deal with annoying telemarketers...

...according to Cat's family.

I know, there is the national no-call list, but once in a while a few unscrupulous telemarketers do slip here are a few tips from my family:

Strategy #1, pretend to be your kids' sibling. Telemarketers usually call for my dad, as he is the head of the household, so if he happens to pick up the phone and the telemarketer asks to speak to him, my dad would answer: sorry, my dad is not home.

Cat's sister's strategy: since my sister is visiting this week, she replied that she was the housekeeper and the owner of the house isn't home.

I guess, when it comes to my turn, I will probably say: I am the family dog and my owners aren't home! Roof roof bye!


Anonymous said...

Your family's funnier than I am. I just say I don't have the time (in a tone that silently adds "for this crap") and hang up.

Anonymous said...

You can always pick up the phone and ask for someone else to confuse them. For example, instead of saying, "Hello" ask, "Hi, is Dan there?"


Anonymous said...

When telemarketers ask for me by name, my tried and true response is to, in a very, very, very serious tone, state that "they" are recently deceased.
Has worked well so far and I am sure it will offer even more entertainment further down the road as my "condition" is noted by some well-meaning government agency.