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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pirates of Palos Verdes

There is a shipwreck close to the shores of Palos Verdes (for those you who are not Angelenos, Palos Verdes is sort of just south of Los Angeles), so this weekend, we embarked on an exploratory hike to check out the shipwreck and see if a chest of sunken treasure is nearby ;-) But first, we must descend down to the rugged shoreline...

Hehe, the thought of finding a treasure chest got me all giddy and I was hopping on the stones like an agile little kitten, this is how far ahead I was of my trek mates! Maybe I could beat them to the treasure chest, kekeke...

This was advertised as a hiking trail, but there was hardly any trail, crappy trail guide! They should've made it clear that part of the "trail" was actually the Pacific Ocean! When I turned the corner about here, I almost got swept away, ok, it wasn't that dramatic, but the tide was up to my waist! I had to cling on to the cliff side! Thank goodness for my sturdy hiking boots!

After I got drenched, we retreated empty handed and hungry, we caught a littel red crab, but even that got away! Dammit, should've gone straight to Plan B: put on an eye patch, raise the pirate flag, row my little boat out to the ocean and make all the fishermen turn over their lobsters, crabs and shrimp... but alas, we were lazy Pirate wannabes, so we walked to the nearest pier and ordered two seafood dishes as a late afternoon snack, oh man, they were delish! Korean fish soup...

Shrimp steamed with potatoes, onions, etc... sooo tender! I am salivating as I type!


pei said...

Fun! Looks like a great hike. I'm glad to see you're getting some sunshine instead of working! :)

Cat said...

Hmmm, i don't know whether to call it a hike cuz it wasn't a trail at all... and on top of that, it was dangerous, there was a stretch where during high tide, there wouldn't be any shoreline at all, just ocean and cliff! It was fun though, but my hiking boots were totaled!

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