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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Young Indiana Jones!

C, my friend from college, was in town to visit. We went to Ford's Filling Station in Culver City... The food was really nice, though I wish they had been a little lighter on the butter (or as Fabio would say Butt-A). Oh btw, apparently it's owned by Harrison Ford's son so I am calling it Young Indiana Jones. I once ran into Harrison and Calista Flockart at a sushi restaurant... they looked the same in person as on tv and in movies. Very nice couple!

C got sauteed scallops and I got lamb loin and we shared a side order of sauteed kale...and finished off the meal with creme broule and penne cotta. I think there is an accent mark above one of the Es on creme broule, ahh too lazy to go to symbols :P


Anonymous said...

It says a lot about the relative quality of the two restaurants that you weren't able to get a seat at Fraiche but could get into Ford's Filling... -J Fraiche is clearly winning the battle.

Cat said...

Overall though, it was still very good...the service was nice and friendly, really the only problem I thought was the excess butter --the desert was really good too, not heavy at all!

Anonymous said...

btw, we're definitely going here the next time I'm in LA.

Went to the Manhattan branch for Zack's bachelor party and loved it!

Anonymous said...

I am a real ford's fan. i went in once with some freinds and we ordered everything we could want and shared each are so lucky. i wish i lived in LA. You are one lucky lawyer!

Cat said...

Hi table, oh thanks! I'll go there again just for you! Haha! I am sure your home town is a fun place too!