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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Which cutie do you want?

Kiss a Cutie? or U R A Cutie? or Sweet Cutie? or Valentine Cutie? Whoever came up with this cutie campaign for tangerines deserves a marketing award. The cost of these cuties: $10 for a 2lb bag! Yep, you gotta pay premium for these stickers. Aarrgh, I had a fifty cent coupon that I forgot to bring, really kicking myself.


Anonymous said...

What? Where were you? Cuties are $7 a box at Whole Foods, and I'm pretty sure that was more than 2 lbs.

Cuties are more fun than navel oranges, but oranges are like $4 for 10 lbs!

Cat said...

I got them at Ralph's. Arrrghh evil Ralph's... you'd think Whole Foods would charge more. Ok, they are like 2.37 pounds...

Anonymous said...

Ralphs is THE MOST expensive grocery stor, ever. Everyone always says WF is expensive, but if you stick to store brands, sale items, and seasonal fruits and vegetables you always save compared to Ralph's.

The worst part is, Ralph's fruit is usually pretty bad. At least if you pay more at WF you'll like what you eat. And if you hate something they allow you to return it, even if you've opened it.

Cat said...

Gasp! You are totally right. Actually I am going back to return this bag of Cuties -- they were over-ripe so got that over-ripe taste... if I pay $10, I figure I should at least get fresh fruits!

Anonymous said...

I want the one in the lower right corner, but PD would probably pick the itty bitty cute one in the back right just like he likes his Asians :-)


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