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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's fun to go to the ... Y-M-C-A.

What took me so long? I've decided to sign up for swimming lessons at the neighborhood Y... Well, my current swimming style is best described as the Cat Stroke in which limbs are randomly kicked around ... thought about joining Equinox for it, but it's expensive and kinda snobbish, so went to the Y instead...hehe, am gonna emerge from the Y a little mermaid.


Pei said...

Yay! We love the Y.

If you and your friends want to have a fancy day out, I hear the Annenberg Swimming Complex in Santa Monica is gorgeous. It's a newly converted community center that used to belong to Marion Davies, Hollywood playgirl. They might not be open much after Labor Day though, so check. Plus, the air might not be great in LA right now for outdoor swimming.

Cat said...

Yeah, the air sucks right now. But I am happy with the Y, the location is very convenient too.

K said...

Wow, after beating Lance Armstrong, you are taking on Michael Phillips!