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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mission: Taco Truck

After reading my Kogi post, Pei alerted me to a Taco Truck near F & S Fabric on Pico that she used to frequent... now that she has moved to the arctic wilderness known as San Francisco she is not sure if it's still there...After salivating over the picture on Pei's blog for hours, I took it upon myself to investigate the matter I put on my trench coat and fedora hat, stuffed my fluffy tail inside and snuck to Pico Street... and what do I see?

Yup, it's the Taco Truck alright.

I ordered two carne asada tacos... they are so small, wish I had gotten like ten...

But since the wait was long at the taco truck, and to avert a humanitarian crisis, I crossed the street and got a Big Mac to supplement my lunch... ewe, it looks like it's about to eat ME! CHOMP! Heeeelp Heeelp, I've been swallowed by a Big Mac!


Pei said...

YAY Cemitas! Thanks for reminding me of the name. I used to drag myself out for a run just to have an excuse to eat there. Two is definitely not enough though, you need at least three for a real meal. You can also ask them for a grilled pepper. It's a sweet pepper, not a spicy jalepeno, so you can eat it with your tacos. And try the other tacos, somehow I remember the lengua, chicken, and maybe even pork being better than carne asada (which is still yummy).

Hope you got nice buttons!

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