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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bling Bling

I didn't get my ears pierced until just a few months ago. While I was little growing up in China, it was considered amoral and ostentatious to put any makeup on or to wear jewelry. In fact, my grandmother threw away all her jewelry during the cultural revolution. Anyways, it was around the mid 80s when things started to loosen up a bit. I remember seeing my Chinese teacher wearing a ring. At first, she wore it so that the stone would be turned to the inside of her hand (because she didn't want to be ostentatious or stand out) but gradually everybody started to wear something, and eventually her bling bling stone was turned outward for everyone to see.

Here are two pairs of earrings I got,I look really good with dangly ones, hoop earrings don't work as well on me.


Pei said...

Where'd you get your earrings? I need to start shopping for a wedding and the ones on the left are super cute.

(but psst, "jewelry" is already plural)

Cat said...

Really? Jewelry is already plural? Thanks for letting me know... always something new to learn.

I got the ones on the left from Anthropologie, it's on their website, they have really pretty earrings. Actually for a wedding, I would recommend the ones on the right especially if it's a night wedding and you are going to wear a jewel toned outfit. Those earrings go really well with the blue dress I wore to your wedding.

Pei said...

This is how I know my addiction to Anthropologie runs deeper than just liking how the store looks. Those two pairs of earrings are similar, but I'm much more drawn to the Anthro ones.

Jewelry is considered uncountable. You have one pair of earrings or three necklaces, but you do not have four jewelries. It's like makeup. You don't have makeups, you just have a lot of different makeup.

Cat said...

But shrimp and sheep are countable and yet they do not have plurals, so I don't think that rule always works... English is weird.

Pei said...

English is definitely weird.

Think of it more like a one-way rule: uncountable things don't have plural forms (jewelry, makeup, steak, pork), but that doesn't mean that countable things always do.

I know, it's not much of a rule.

Pei said...

Okay, I consulted with (my white friend) Claire and came up with this answer for you:

Because white people are stupid. They couldn't even come up with a language that wasn't a jumbled mess of rules they stole from other nations. There will always be an exception to every English grammar rule.

There, yay.

Cat said...

Ok, though it does not give me much comfort. Singular/plural is one of the hardest part about English, though my English is almost as good as the natives (actually my English is better than not so smart native but not as good as the smart natives).

Pei said... you want me to correct the grammar in your last comment?

Also, you promised to be in SF by now. I am devastated.

Cat said...

Oh, turned out I punched in the wrong codes in the flight computer and circled LA a few times and landed in LAX instead of your courtyard... anyhoo, yeah I know the grammar isn't that great in my previous comment.

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