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Monday, August 31, 2009

Ode to Fig

Oh Fig, thou art so yummy. I usually believe in sharing, but when it comes to figs, it's every kitty cat to herself... CHOMP!


pei said...

better eat as many as you can get your hands on, summer's over and the figs will be gone soon.

Have you tried the green ones? I think I like them better for eating plain.

Cat said...

The green ones are better, really? Usually we assume that the darker ones are ripen... I'll try the green ones when I get a chance...

Pei said...

The green ones are a completely different variety, like red apples vs. green apples. Make sure you're buying the actual green ones, not just unripe red ones.

For figs, I think the green ones have a thinner skin and lighter flavor.

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