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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mission: San Diego

I was in San Diego this weekend, and to my chagrin, it's much prettier than Los Angeles... It's so not fair! How come they got such a nice piece of real estate, and we are stuck with the congestion and pollution?! Evil thoughts come to mind -- maybe we could plan a secret invasion and take over San Diego while the wide-eyed San Diegoans are out at Sea World petting Shamu... muahahah, what an ingenious idea.

Here is our secret agent team that infiltrated San Diego on Segway this weekend. The USS Midway is behind us. (Btw, highly recommend the Another Side of San Diego Segway Tour if you are in SD... Joe was an awesome tour guide!)

Can you spot Secret Agent Cat in this picture?

What about this picture?

Me taking classified information on the Shamu petting schedule

My side kick Secret Agent L transmitting the Shamu petting schedule back to LA...hehehe, San Diegoans think it's just an artsy looking giant kaleidoscope!

Here Agent L scouting enemy territory on a Segway!

Cat: ewe, San Diegoans are such perverts, they have a giant statue of two people making out! GI Joe: I missed it, show me show me!

Party on the USS Midway, how come I wasn't invited! Boo.

Los Angeles Navy's Pacific Fleet all ready for the pending invasion

Bye bye San Diego... soon to be part of LA Municipality, hehehe.