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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I am back in LA now, but for my last morning in London, I took a stroll from Piccadilly Circus to the Tower of London, and here is what I saw along the way.

Trafalgar Square. If you look closely, you'll see Big Ben peeking out next to the big pole holding up the statute of Lord Nelson.

Trafalgar Square is sort of like the Embassy District, and apparently unbeknowst to us, Texas suceeded from the Union in London. You should check out The Texas Embassy's website, such a Euro-centric view of how America took Texas from Mexico by force. Pfft, they should be glad we still keep them as part of the Union.

Harry Potter's castle. Ok, it's the Royal Court of Justice though it looks like Disneyland.

St. Paul's Cathedral (looks so much like the US Capitol). There were some Vietnamese tourists posing in front of it. They were such posers! Some women were doing the S line in front of the Cathedral, and a guy was posing with his chin resting on his hand, ewe.

I passed a bridge that overlooked the Tower of London Bridge. I used this picture in a previous blog post, but it's so beautiful, had to put it up again. Oh yeah, the weather was perfect when I was there, and right after I got back to the hotel and got ready for the airport, it started raining.

Main entrance to the Tower of London, notice the famous bullet like modern building in the background?

Part of the Tower: heeeelp heeelp, free Princess Cat!

The Main Tower, very fairtale-like. You wouldn't guess that so many people lost their lives here.

Alternative view: the Tower of London isn't a tower per se, it's actually kind of low... like a midget castle.

Then I took a cab back to Piccadilly Circus...

...and walked over to the The Windmill, and had delicious Kidney and Steak Pie. Perfect ending to my trip.