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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Afternoon at Piccadilly Circus

It's been a nice afternoon here in London. Walked over to Piccadilly Circus... it's puny compared to Time Square.

Then I took a stroll along Piccadilly Street... btw, that pink cab is my official vehicle here in London :-P

and came across Fortnum and Mason, the famous grocery store that's supposedly been at Piccadilly since 100 BC, ok jk, since 17something. The storefront is all the way to the right with the union jack proudly hanging on top.

Marzipans! They are very pretty but I can't get over all the food colorings that go into the pretty apples and oranges... eh, but me really want one, who cares about food color poisoning... ahhh, why is life so hard!

P, here are your Earl Greys!


Pei said...

*sniffle* I'm soooo happy. So, so happy...but I'm greedy so now I want a marzipan apple too.

Just kidding, I agree that marzipan is scary.

Cat said...

Remember how hard it was for me to get to Fortnam last time... well, I am actually staying right across from it this time... haha, so maybe I'll get an evil Marzipan apple for you! I saw some really cute sugar cubes, with little sailing themed motifs on them, again, I got scared by the food coloring...

Unknown said...

Lovely photos!

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