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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Shanghai World Financial Center is Shanghai's newest skyscraper and the second tallest building in the world. Many Shanghainese do not like it due to feng shui reasons -- that it resembles a blade in the heart of Shanghai. But I do not care for all that feng shui foo-foo-ry. I think it is beautiful and I've got pictures to prove it. The other tower is Jinmao Tower -- I don't like it too much, maybe it's because I worked in it, and after one particularly difficult negotiation, I threw up in the conference room of what was then the most expensive office building in China.

Night time shots -- it's much prettier at night and what I like about it is, it looks different depending on the angle.


Anonymous said...

Vomit would have been better if directed toward opposing counsel. -J

Pei said...

Now we know why she had to leave the country...~P

Cat said...

Yep, that should be a new negotiation tactic -- dear opposing counsel: Brwaaahhhhhhhh... sorry, blink blink, wink wink...

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