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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Old Town Warsaw

Yay, finally got to go to Old Town Warsaw! It's called Old Town, but it's actually only 50 years old, as Warsaw was almost completely destroyed by the Nazis during WWII (evil!!) and Old Town had to be rebuilt. Here is the entrance to the area...

Ponies! They are so cute and furry! Hope not too cold.

Cobblestone Streets...

Madonna and child... most likely this was carved prior to WWII as almost everything was destroyed during the war... please continue to bless Warsaw, it has gone through so much.

Town square!

The Warsaw Mermaid, the symbol of Warsaw and part of its coat of arms.

It was so cold, we had to stop every half a block and sneak into a coffee shop or eatery to get warm... here is a little pizzeria...

I could not believe how yummylicious the pizza is here. I don't even normally like pizza! The crust was thin and tasted like it was made from real flour! The seasoning was simple but hit just the right spots. It's 1am here, and I am craving it again!

Cold cold! So we stopped by a coffee shop along the way, in the cellar of one of the buildings here... but it was all warm and toasty inside!

I got strawberry and cream tea...MMMM... feeling all warm inside now.

Bye bye Warsaw... you've gone through so much. We learn from the past and live for the future. Good luck.