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Monday, June 21, 2010

California Dream'n

A recently moved from Maryland to sunny SoCal... and we met up in Katsuya in Hollywood. Pretty stainglass entrance, do you see the pair of Japanese flip flops floating on top?

We got some drinks...

...and sushi.

Afterward dinner, we strolled over to the newly opened W hotel in Hollywood... very pretty entrance, how many Ws do you see in this pic? I see three.

Hilarious pic... L was trying to take a pic too, and her blackberry's got a huge flashlight, while her flashlight illuminated the whole table, my camera took this pic, so it was a team effort. Oh yeah, we got chocolate fondue and a bunch of other desserts and I also got a Reverse Bellini... after the W we call it a day.

But our weekend get together was not over yet... the next day, L and I went over to check out A's new pad in Laguna Beach... blue sky peeking out in the courtyard...

View from A's balcony, L and I were both like... WOW. Btw, the little house in the middle with the whitish roof, well, that's my future house. But given my current salary level, I would either need to win the lottery, marry a rich man or conquer it...  decisions decisions :-P

Here is a close up of my future house. So cute. It's even got a little make out area facing the ocean...

Early dinner at Wahoo's fish taco, totally recommend the place. Yum yum.

There are so many super expensive beach houses and here is the entrance to one... people must have a lot of $$$ to have a sun/moon door.

Another view of the ocean... so beautiful and relaxing...ahhhhhhh...Welcome to Socal A, so happy to have an old friend here :-)


Bella said...

You're right. Way to go A. I'll visit BOTH of you!

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