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Thursday, June 3, 2010

XLBs are Shanghainese!

As I've blogged before, I love Xiao Long Baos (小籠包), especially the ones at Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐). I've been to both the flagship Taipei restaurant and a Shanghai branch, both were excellent.

So, as I was recovering from jetlag and a nasty flu, I started reading some food blogs about XLBs, and to my chagrin, many people think XLBs are Taiwanese. Wha? Just because the first Din Tai Fung is opened in Taiwan, doesn't mean XLBs are Taiwanese. They are most definitely Shanghainese (see, even Wikipedia says so).

XLBs are the pride of ala Sang Hei nien (translation: us Shanghainese) -- the most sophisticated and prettiest of all Chinese, we are so awesome, so cool... K, sorry, got kinda carried away. Anyhoo, we should sue DTF for gastronomical property infringement. Shanghainese soup dumplings forever! Ahh, charrrrrge! NOM NOM NOM...


Carnivore Girl said...

Is your soap box big enough, ma'am? Or should I get a bigger one for ya?

Yes, XLBs are Shanghainese. Don't get your panties in a big ol' knot. :)

Cat said...

Hmph, you just jealous, cuz we are better, hehe... oh btw, I thought the Shanghai one was also super good, DTF's really got XLB down to an art... yum!

Pei said...

Tha Taiwanese cannot help it if we take mainland peasant food and perfect it to an art form, so much so that people assume we invented it...

Cat said...

Mainland peasant food?! Wha, wha... hyperventilating... how insulting. Waah!

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