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Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby Catmobile

After years of loyal service, Catmobile is retiring into the sunset (collecting social security, etc...) So here I present to you, drum roll please -- Baby Catmobile! Yes I got a Beemer 335! Woohoo, love it... I also got free crystal Princess license frames from the dealer. Yay! If you happen to see Baby Catmobile speeding wildly down the streets of Santa Monica, please move aside and make way, cuz I am mean, very mean... Rawwwrrr.


Bella said...

WHOA? YOU DID NOT!!!! Sweet!
But you do owe me $$. I told you that you would get a "fancy" car in the future and you said, "No, I will just have an average one." Pay up!!! I really like it! Sooo purrrty. Have fun.

Cat said...

Eh, I said that? ok, I was brainwashed by my mom at the time... now I finally feel liberated :)

Bella said...

Fine by me. You owe me $100 or $200 I believe! Woman of your word? I will be sitting by the mailbox, $100 will do.

Anonymous said...

OMG I had the same conversation with Cat. "Why do people get those fancy cars? My Accord is perfectly fine, bla bla bla."

Next time I fly into LAX, I seriously demand a ride. All the way to Hacienda Heights. With snacks included. ~P

Cat said...

Okies, joy ride for L, and chauffeur service for P :)

Loanne said...

Uh... L wants her $! She can get her own joy ride. Still checking the mailbox every day. sighhhh.

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