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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bohemian Cat

Hello everyone, this is Cat reporting from Prague... today the weather was beautiful... look at the sapphire sky.
I took another stroll after work, here is your very own Bohemian kitty Cat and her U-Gee-Gees walking on the cobblestone streets of Prague, interesting star pattern huh?
Stopped by the river again to admire Prague Castle. Prague is such a photogenic city. I can't get enough of this spectacular view.
Or this deep blue sky... so pretty.
Back on the Charles Bridge, there are super serious photographers who stake out on the bridge with their quad-pods and uber fancy cameras to take pictures. Alas, my CanonPowershot is neither pricey nor fancy, but it is the little camera that could. Highly recommended!
Oops, late for dinner... bye bye bridge...
And hello Chinese restaurant? Notice the KFC sign behind it? Chinese restaurants and American fast food joints are two establishments that you can never get away from anywhere in the world. Being Chinese-American, I am very proud of my cultural contribution to the world... loosen belt, petting pudgy belly.
K, so we went to a Czech restaurant... and the waitstaff promptly gave us the tourist menu. Now I know what it feels like to be non-Chinese in China or at Chinese restaurants...
I ordered a Mojito... fortunately one of my dinner companions ordered a beer, otherwise, I think we'd be expelled from the Czech Republic for not drinking beer two nights in a row, everybody drinks beer here!
My potato soup (kind of like the national soup of the Czechs) in sourdough-ish bread shaped like a smiley face with a button nose... so cute!
This is what's inside... mmmm, potatoes.
Main entree: stuffed duck leg, with braised red cabbage, potato patties and dumplings... they call the white bread-y stuff dumplings!
Lingered by the river a bit on the way back... so beautiful.