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Monday, February 18, 2008

Water Lilies and Snow

More beautiful pics from L. Hmmm, I guess this has gone from a guest appearance to a full blown exhibit! BTW, L is also super good at interior designing if anyone needs a little help there. Martha Stewart, move aside, here comes L!

Water lily in bloom. So beautiful. I feel like bursting out into a Tang Dynasty poem. Purple water lily resting near a leaf, Drops of dews sprinkled over its pedals. Was that a haiku? Anyhoo.

First Snow in Maryland -- very Ansel Adamish

Ice Berries in Maryland -- thank goodness this is not cave time, because if it were my turn to go berry gathering for the tribe, I'd be like, oh such beautiful berries and eat them all and promptly drop dead, how tragic, and 10K years later, paleontologists would find my perfectly preserved body and be like, oh they must've been really short back then and completely screw up the history of human evolution...

Chinatown in Hawaii. I challenge you to find a place in this world without a Chinatown! Muhahahaha, we are taking over the world... do I see some chicken feet they are selling there? Hmmm, chicken feet, yummm....