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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kogi BBQ

Kogi BBQ truck took the LA area by storm a year ago... now it came to our neighborhood. Trust me, there was a loooong line behind those ladies.

What should I get? Tacos or Burritos or Sliders or Hot Dog... decisions decisions.

I grabbed these... and some Korean soft drinks, one was a rice drink and the other a pear drink. Ok, onto the review. I did not like Kogi BBQ. The meats were good given the price (2 for taco and 5 for sliders, burrito and hot dog so very reasonable). But I did not like the excessive kimchi relish on top. I would've much preferred fresh lettuce and tomato as toppings. The kimchi was so salty, it's been hours now, I still have an unpleasant after taste in my mouth.

The slider was much better, thanks to the sweet sauce, so gave it a sweet and sour taste... Hmmm, Kogi BBQ, listen to me, give customers the option of choosing fresh lettuce and tomato... and keep it down on the salt in the kimchi!

Happy Labor Day Peeps!


Pei said...


We're trying to go here but no one's around. ARG. We need our posse to be more cooperative. Help us, please.

Cat said...

I know! Modern life is soo hard. If we had lived in a rural village in the old country, I'd probably drop by your pad for dinner, and borrow some soy sauce from S's and pick up some vegan tofu from T's along the way... sigh, will try to make up soon.

Anonymous said...

Curbside dining at its finest! Good work, that the NYT Food Editor on line 3? Happy Day of Labor Weekend, sans labor to you as well.

Pei said...

So what's in that relish? Kimchi and cilantro, or is there other stuff?

Kogi's food looks so much more fancy on their website (of course). They weren't around when I lived in LA, but my favorite taco truck was always parked around Pico and Manning, near the F&S Fabric store and auto repair shop. Check it out if you're enjoying your curbside dining. Their tacos are great.

Cat said...

The relish was kimchi and regular cabbage... it was sooo salty. Maybe I'll check out your favorite taco truck, Kogi's was a let down, maybe victim of their own success.

Pei said...

I don't know if it's still there or if it's still this cheap, but I used to go all the time and get tacos for $1. And if you ask you get a charred jalepeno too