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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Casual Soup Lunch

Last weekend, I took my aunt to a neighborhood restaurant in Shanghai that specialized in slow cooked soups. Can you guess what this is? It's duck tongue. Don't go ewe, it's actually quite tasty -- though requires a bit of un-lady-like gnawing. But who cares.

Chinese salad -- the vegetable reminded me of a cross between parsley and celery leaves... very refreshing.

Shanghainese smoked fish. Although it claimed to be 1930s style smoked fish, my aunt said it was very much year 2010 style smoked fish. Nevertheless, the flavor was just right -- slightly sweet, smokey, and the texture was slightly crunchy on the outside and slightly chewey inside. This is what I like about Shanghainese cuisine, the flavors and textures are never too over-powering.

Here is our soup -- we got Strong General Flower (霸王花) soup, really hard to translate into English. Essentially it's a type of flower related to lilies and it is slowly simmered with pork bones, carrots, sweet dates and soy beans. I love the creamy, whitish broth.

Here, the waitress fishes out the flowers, pork, etc.

The ingredients can be eaten with some light dipping sauce on the side. And the broth is consumed separately.

Chinese people love to eat out, and usually in large large groups.


Pei said...

The veggie in your salad is tong hau, aka. baby chrysanthemum leaves. The Japanese eat them too. It's really great in soups! I don't know about elsewhere, but in Taiwan they are the standard vegetable in savory mochi soup.

Pei said...

And the other thing is just called dried lily bulbs. Tada!!

This post makes it sound like the Chinese eat a lot of flowers, but I'm 99% sure the varietals for eating are different from the ones for admiring!

Cat said...

Seems the Chinese eat lots of lilies... good to know what the veggie in the salad is.

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