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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shanghainese in Hong Kong

Yummy! Had really good Shanghainese food tonight. Ate so much. Oink Oink. Drunken chicken, and Shanghainese tofu veggie roll... simple, refreshing appetizers

In Chinese, this dish is called "Clear Sauteed Shrimp" -- again, following the Shanghainese cooking style, it's not heavily sauced or greasy at all, so the tender texture and the mild flavor of the shrimp really shine through.

The obligatory XLB -- and they were good, mmmmm. Oh yeah, one problem with Chinese restaurants everywhere is they bring out the dishes whenever they are ready, not in any particular order. You may see two appetizers, a main course, another appetizer and so forth.

Sweet and sour fish with pine nuts -- perfectly fried fish, the only thing that bothered me was that the chef stuffed a shrimp inside the fish mouth, kinda creepy for some reason, but anyhoo, other than the slight visual disturbance, it was delish.

K, k, the whole spread, too busy eating. We ordered a light and refreshing vegggie dish as well. The vegetable is called Emperor's Veggie, it's got a slight herby taste to it, but not overwhelming and the soup that it was cooked in was totally umami.

Unlike many Chinese restaurants, this place had a good dessert menu. I of course ordered Shanghainese fermented rice and mochi ball soup. It was freakin' good. So good I forgot to take a pic. Oh well. Oh, this is another specialty here. It's Jujube stuffed with mochi.

I forgot what this was... some sort of jelly like cake thingy.

Wow, this was really good too. It's a kind of like a Shanghainese cream puff. The puff is puffier than western cream puff, and the filling is almond cream. Lighter than the typical western cream puff. Now the cream puff is sitting happily in my tummy, hehehe.

When we got here, the place was virtually deserted... but apparently Hong Kongers eat dinner at around 7:30, so an hour later, the place was packed and it's a Wednesday night. Chinese people love to socialize over meals.