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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seafood Buffet in Seoul

I am on a leisure trip in Seoul. I must say accommodation in Asia is so much better than the US and it's not expensive at all! I saw Up in the Air on the way to Asia, and I was like, oh my god, America is now like the country bumpkin of the world. George Clooney thinks those cheesy hotels are glamorous?

The restaurant overlooks the city... I see several couples having maybe anniversary dinners there.

Crab legs!

The quality was really good... mmm, yummy scallop sashimi.

View from the hotel...


Anonymous said...

Wow - you weren't kidding about the food pics this trip! -J

Pei said...

...must smuggle self in Cat's suitcase next trip...

Anonymous said...

Cat -

On the second to last photo, what is the item on the very left of your plate? It looks like a scallop but it has a small hole in the middle of it. Scallop donut?


Cat said...

Huh, I don't remember what it was...

Cat said...

Maybe I caught an alien species of donut scallop fish on film.

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