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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How do you say Oink Oink?

You go to a hot pot place and go CHOMP, MUNCH, CHOMP! It was so good. The choice of dipping sauce was excellent. I usually go with Shacha sauce, but this time I added some hot sauce and special Shanghainese sauce.

Should we get yuan-yang hot pot or regular plain broth?

We opted for plain broth cuz we had a vegetarian in the group. Lobster sashimi (the restaurant later made salt and pepper lobster with the head, tail and legs), conch, shrimp on skewers (btw, these were live! sorry shrimpies), fish balls, beef balls, sliced beef, sliced lamb, veggies and a ton of other stuff that we had to leave to the side cuz our table wasn't big enough.

Sliced geoduck, which I like lots, a special kind of crab with mild sweet flavor, oh we also had really good noodles... I love hot pot. Oink Oink!