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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Congratulations H! I am sure you are going to be a beautiful bride :-) These bridesmaids sure know how to throw a bridal shower, I hadn't felt this feminine in a long time. K, time to go home and play with my Hello Kitty dolls :-)

I got to sit at the family table, cuz I pretended to be H's cousin only to meet her real cous. Oh well. Nice party favors too!

Yummy food spread... aside girls, aside girls, Cat coming through.

Maybe I should be a dainty, giggly girly girl for once....kekeke, how are ya, my name is Cat... kekeke... your dress is like so pretty! Woo, where did you get your nails done...kekeke...MUNCH, CHOMP, MUNCH...cover mouth...kekeke...


Loanne said...

Looks beautiful! Nice H!!!
Cat, I could have been your date.

Cat said...

Well, you can come mid July and be my date to the real thing :-)

Anonymous said...

cat, your beautiful presence helped make my shower so wonderful and unforgettable. thank you! peter and i can't wait to celebrate our big day with you!

p.s. you're such a great photographer. we should've hired you for our wedding pics instead..

Cat said...

Awww, so looking forward to celebrating the big day with you and P :-) I promise, I'll be a good jiejie, and behave myself, hehe.

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