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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Oscars according to Cat

Since I live so close to Tinseltown, I thought I'd do my own critique of Oscar night.

George, date someone your own age! You look like you are auditioning for Father of the Bride II!

Nicole, chill... act like a human being and not a mannequin for don't have to be perfect 24/7 you know...

Jessica, we know you are pregnant... is that a feather duster on your chest?
Miley, didn't your mom tell you not to slouch? For some reason, I think there is a greater than 50% chance of her turning out really screwed up.

Renee, did you get your hair done at Super Cuts? But wait, even Super Cuts does a better job than that... must been my mom who cut your hair, she cut my hair when I was little too and I was traumatized for the next 20 years...

Viggo, unless you plan to be a professional Civil War re-enactor, please rid of that beard!

They look like a nice couple... sigh, some people just have everything...

Winner of the Best Actress Award -- I think she is beautiful.

Of course, I didn't take any of these pictures. I am not stupid enough to go out to Hollywood on a cold rainy night ... Instead, I had oysters and lobster at Ocean Ave Seafood, yummy!