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Monday, June 9, 2008

An American in London

Hi all, I am still alive, haven't been sent to the royal prison at the Tower of London yet! Keeping my paws crossed. Anyhoo, here are some random pictures from London, been super busy...

Nice little neighborhood bistro I went to... the rack of lamb was, eh, a bit over cooked, but the nicoise salad was fantastic and the atmosphere was nice too.

Being a patriotic American, I can never get used to the Brits driving on the left side of the road, it's like living amongst a nation of dyslexics! Maybe we should reverse colonize Britain and set them straight once and for all!

Rows after rows of row houses... the real estate is impossibly expensive here, they are trying to sell the hotel I am staying at for $500 million and it is really not that fancy, oi.

Take a good look at these two bottles of still water (as opposed to gassed water...kekeke...that's what they call sparkling water here in Europe)... they cost $10 each! Ridiculous. After these expensive waters, all I could afford was a light broth for dinner at the local humane society!

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Anonymous said...

You should try driving! I suggest the cute little red car in your photo.