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Monday, June 23, 2008

Cat's Secret Ingredients for her Abs of Steel

L - this post is dedicated to you! Haha! Told ya, I am gonna visit the lipo doc after this trip and I am sure gonna win our "Abs of Steel" contest!

Boiled pork with garlic sauce

Cucumber Salad

Fuchi Fei Pian

Fish soup with Chinese cabbage -- this was a really good dish, doesn't have that fishiness at all, just yumminess, ah, want more!

Steamed Fish, this has to be the most un-photogenic steamed fish there is, looks much more appetizing in person...

Beef with Shredded Green and Red Bell Pepper

Water Boiled Beef -- I love this dish, the beef is so tender, and rests on a bed of bean sprouts, I also like the touch of paprika on top...

Boiled pears with frog ovary... just your average dessert...