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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oink Oink

Food overdose. Lobster, duck, sauteed "empty heart" greens, congee, hot and sour soup, fried dough, moo shoo pork, ayaya! Oink Oink.


Anonymous said...

oh! where'd you go? -J

Cat said...

I went to Hop Woo, the one at the corner of Olympic and Sepulveda. We were only going to have congee, but ended up ordering like four five dishes.

pei said...

Hehehe, once they have you in the restaurant you are powerless to resist. Powerless!!

The mesh Tiffany ring is really cute. It's businessy enough for work, but fun enough that people notice.

Cat said...

Yeah, Tiffany's has some good stuff, but I am unwilling to pay an extra 10% tax on top of it, so am gonna wait until I visit Hong Kong and then real splurge!

Anonymous said...

Did you go with your parents or something? Seems like there's lots of ppl in the photo. - J

Cat said...


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