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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Steak and Kidney Pie

I've failed my mission to devour the entire British supply of steak and kidney pie miserably. Despite passing by a perfectly fine establishment that offered traditional British fare...

...I ended up going to a generic place and had a super icy mojito and grilled John Dory instead.

The John Dory was really good though, look at the beautiful grill marks.

All in all, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon here: Londoners were all out and about, and there was a nice breeze in the air. I felt all pretty and fashionable with a cool pair of shades and the breeze running through my hair, hehe...Anyway, it's 3AM here, I am going to start preparing for the meeting that's coming up ahead! Go Cat!


Anonymous said...

Yum! I love John Dory. And is that iced tea on top of your mojito? What a great idea. Good to see you're finding yummy eats in London! Are you experiencing sticker shock yet?

Cat said...

Oh yeah, imagine going to NYC and multiply the cost of everything by two, yikes! I am not sure if that's iced tea on top, think of it now, the mojito looked a bit strange, but I was in too much of a zombie state to notice anything...

BTW, i so want to try the seafood dish you guys made, I can't help it, but my mouth gets watery whenever I think of it! Sigh!

Am gonna head to breakfast/late night dinenr now, jetlag sucks, I've been hungry since 4am, busy day ahead!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, cioppino is a SF invention. We'll go to one of the places more famous for it next time you're here!

Anonymous said...

The Hog Pound?
Sing with me now (a catchy tune can help alleviate jet lag, as far as you know):
Who let the pigs out?
Oink, Oink!

Anonymous said...

sigh... no steak and kidney pie. boo. :(