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Monday, June 16, 2008

Food... yumm....

Chinese breakfast at Cafe de Coral, the local equivalent of McDoanld's...there is the turnip cake, Chinese tamale with chicken, sausage, shitake mushroom, congee with shredded pork and thousand year old egg, and milk tea... all for less than three bucks!

Later on I went to probably the only Sichuanese restaurant in Hong Kong. Hong Kongers are (in)famous for being complete sissies when it comes to spicy foods so this was a rare find! The water boiled fish sort of took up the entire table!

My own tolerance has gone down a bit since an episode of spiciness overdose... but I still crave all foods Sichuanese so I had a bowl of soup (see below) on my left side, and a bowl of plain congee on my right, and I would eat a piece of Husband Wife Lung Slices (ewe, this dish sounds so morbid in English), then a spoonful of soup and a spoonful of congee to relieve the heat!

While we waited outside the restaurant, which is in a rather obscure part of Mid-Levels, a game of basketball went on next door...

Then we went up an alley road and went to a cute little pastry shop...

See the chef in action...

Young professionals enjoying a night's out, the Napoleon that the chef was making (see the plate on the chef's left) went to this table and it was the last serving... so I had to settle for Chocolate Fantasie.

Eh, this is not Chocolate Fantasie, but close. My picture turned out too dark so I am putting up this adorable little box of chocolate compliment of the hotel instead. It was so cute I didn't want to eat the chocolates!


Anonymous said...

nice photos! the water cooked fish isn't as cool as the one in Lido Hotel in Beijing but still looks good. -J

Cat said...

No, it wasn't as good... too much hot oil... the one in Beijing was the best in terms of both appearance and taste...

Unknown said...

Wouldn't the local equivalent of a McDonald's be an actual McDonald's? :)

Anonymous said...

Was the lamb tartare you had really oddly spiced? I had it once at a Moroccan restaurant and I really wanted to like it, but there was way too much cardamom. Maybe the Lebanese version would be more to my liking. Yum. Lamb.

Cat said...

PD - aarghhh, no deep analysis of my blog entries!

Pei - no, it wasn't oddly spiced at all. I was told it was a simple mixture of ground lamb meat, ground wheat (to add texture) and maybe a little salt. This is how it is eaten: get a small piece of bread (kind of like peta bread), put a mint leaf on top, then put a piece of baby onion on top, then put a spoonful of lamb tartar and eat! It was sooo good!

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