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Monday, June 23, 2008


I went to a local supermarket in Hainan today... see the abundance of food in China...

And found my favorite fruit in the whole world -- mangosteens! I wanted to dive into this pile and eat them all!

This is what it looks like inside... hmmmm...juicy and sweet and yummy!


Unknown said...

Mangosteens do look fantastic! Can you ship some to us who are less fortunate? :)

Word Problem: Hainan is 26x less populated per square km than Hong Kong. If Hainan has access to even 1/10 of the food of Hong Kong, how much more food per person can Hainan have than Hong Kong?

Cat said...

Okie, I'll ship some mangosteens over... though expect some folks from the fda to knock on your door, cuz mangosteens are forboden in the US -- how can they do that to this fruit of the paradise? because Mangosteens attract fruit flies... so...

No deep analysis of my blog and no word problems -- the answer is, there is no answer cuz it depends on how much HKers eat, I can only answer the question if Hainaners and HKers eat the same per person... and I regret to say that I have probably single handedly raised the per capita consumption of both Hainan and HK! Oink Oink!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cat, I think your strict diet will only enhance your "Abs of Steel". I am so scared, my nails have all been chewed up and my teeth are chattering as I type is comment.
Must consult with Oprah's PT to help me win this competition!


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