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Thursday, June 26, 2008

In transit in HK...

Ok, I am digressing a little here... let's turn back the clock 24 hours and imagine we are on the other side of the globe...after leaving the airport lounge with the questionable choice of decor, I arrived in HK in the midst of a typhoon and wearing a plastic poncho cuz we didn't have a gate and had to disembark on one of those mobile staircase thingy (with no cover!)... Anyway, afterwards, I decided to shake off the indignation and treat myself to something decidedly classier: sushi and wine at a bar in the HK airport... here my fellow travellers waiting for their flights...

and the chef hard at work...

Tada, my sushi/sashimi combo platter, hmmm, somehow this picture looks fake... like I took a picture of a sushi menu or something... anyway

While eating sushi and sipping on a glass of wine, I played a game of where are they from? Sometimes I like to guess whether a person is Mainland Chinese or HKer or Taiwanese or others... I thought she was Japanese, she had this funky hat on and really funky bangs...usually Chinese people aren't that edgy in terms of their style... and her travel companion looked Japanese through and through... but alas, when she opened her mouth, she had a thick northern Chinese accent!

I thought this family was from Mainland China. But the mom in the group pronounced Mama and Baba in the distinct Taiwanese way, so I was wrong two for two.

After sushi, I went to Cathay's lounge... and had more food... wonton noodle soup...and did some intellectual reading on the latest fashion trends in Asia!

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