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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Alcoholic Congee

Pop quiz: what is this? Congee? Noooo, congee is for babies, for us grownups, we eat alcoholic congee or Jiu Niang (酒釀 or wine fermentation, think that's the translation). It's basically fermented rice (kind of like sake, but not as fermentated I suppose, and sweet too, so it's typically eaten as a dessert).

Oh P, that's your tea, meant to mail out yesterday but overslept and missed post office hours (even worse today, slept from 6am - 5pm, ooopsie, not helping my jetlag)... and L, I got some Asian fashion mags for you at the HK airport, be forewarned, they are almost exactly like the one you read before, even the models are the same, and of course they are all in this perpetual cutsy pose!


Anonymous said...

Ack why are you teasing us with such photos?!

Cat said...

I am not teasing, they happen to be closeby so I thought I'd take a group shot. Anyhoo, will get to the post soon...was sick at home today, my jetset life has finally got to me...