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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cathay's First Class Review

I got a free upgrade to Cathay's all new first class on my flight from Hong Kong to LA. It was an awesome experience. Here is a tour:

The seat is humongous, I measured, it was like the size of my butt times six! And if you want to have some zzzzs, just press a button, and the seat converts into a roomy flat bed, sooo comfortable!

There is a little flower vase too... awwww... very nice wood trimmings...

If you travel with a companion, they can sit on the spare seat, and you two can chat away!

Each first class cubicle is incredibly roomy and affords great privacy. That's how far the passenger next to me is. I felt kind of guilty sitting there thinking of all the people in coach, it was pretty decadent...Oh yeah, the TV is also enormous and each person gets a personal closet too!

Each passenger also gets a set of pajamas by Shanghai Tang and a set of pretty toiletries! I loved it!

BTW, not shown is the bathroom, much bigger than the typical lavatory and it even has windows! The flight attendant reminded me to close the blinds if I use the restroom while the aircraft is on the ground! Hehe, don't want to get arrested for mooning passengers on other airplanes :-P


Anonymous said...

So pretty! You should take a photograph of your new PJs for us to admire. :)

Anonymous said...

Forget about taking a photograph of your PJs. You have my name and address!! Send them over Chickie.
What a way to travel by the way. Pretty orchid too.